Alexia Trott

Class of 2021
Years Active: 2020
Major: English Writing & Literature

I am a senior who will be graduating in the spring of 2021. I am also minoring in Spanish, and will be finishing my MFA in creative writing next spring. I enjoy reading old books falling apart at the seams, cooking food that I’ve never tried, exploring places I’ve never been, collecting copious amounts of tea and teaware, baking, writing, and cuddling my dog Ava. My role in the Rosemont College 100 Years digital humanities project is to generate content by rifling through the Rosemont Rambler and archives.

What I like about digital humanities is working with material that I otherwise never would have. I never would have had a reason to explore Rosemont’s archived history if not for our project. Though technologically challenged, I enjoy having access to all types of information. With so many limitations on physically going places, it has become necessary to have information digitized. It’s hard not for me to question the future of digital humanities and whether the outcome will make public spaces, social learning, and physical copies obsolete. I’m not against technological progress, but I always hope that social spheres are able to develop at the same rate.

Personal Projects