Amanda Palau

Class of 2020

Years Active: 2020

Major: English

While studying at Rosemont, I also minored in Women and Gender Studies, a topic which found its way into all aspects of my studies and interests. During my time in the Digital Humanities class, I took part in assisting with digitizing the College’s literary magazine Inscapes, which later came to be known as Thorn. My interests also include editing, proofreading, and writing, which is why I chose to assist in digitizing the magazine. I learned a lot during my time with Kait, Sam, Bel, and Professor Baker while digitizing, despite having time cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which I needed to take quite seriously while helping care for my father. The most memorable thing I learned would be that the past students that attended Rosemont really weren’t so different from the current ones at all; they all thought about life, school, and love. I would like to advise anyone else who has the opportunity to view this page to stand straight up and have the courage to be more active in their own life because once college is over, it is no one’s job other than their own to find their way in the world. I hope that once the panic of COVID is gone, I can apply for graduate school, and look for jobs as an editorial assistant at Penguin Random House, or Princeton’s press, as my dream is to work in publishing. As for now, I am home with my family, and have begun offering my services as a Writing tutor, in addition to editing and proofreading.”

Personal Projects