Samantha DeFrancisco

Class of 2022
Years Active: 2020
Major: English & Communications

“I have been working with digital humanities since the spring semester of 2020. I have worked on going to the archives, transcribing Inscapes, an Inscapes author analysis, and now we are finally working on putting all of our past work into one website! I have enjoyed digital humanities because I would have never known the deeper history of Rosemont College. I was able to visit the archives and see pieces of history that I would never have seen if it weren’t for this course. The biggest challenge I have had to face was accepting the fact that this is an ongoing project and it will take semesters to complete. However, I have grown to embrace the journey and enjoy the small steps of the project. My advice to students enrolling in digital humanities in the future would be to have good time management, enjoy the journey, and learn from your mistakes. For anyone who is questioning whether they want to enroll in the class or not, just go for it! You will learn so many new skills and after all, digital humanities is our future! After graduating, I plan to pursue my masters degree here at Rosemont in Strategic Leadership. I am not exactly sure what I want to do when I graduate, but I am confident this class has given me an arsenal of skills that will help guide me to success in the future.”

Personal Projects