The Rambler

The new Gertrude Kistler Memorial library wing is finished in the Fall of 1955. Archbishop John Francis O’Hara, Archbishop of Philadelphia, blesses the new wing, erects the crucifix, and blesses the statue of the holy child.

The new dining hall between Kistler Library and Connelly Hall is now complete. There are faculty dining rooms, a lower level cloak room with lockers and shelves, a modern kitchen, and a new chef. The old dining hall on the first floor of Mayfield is converted into student dorms.


Senator John F. Kennedy lectures at Rosemont. He stops by on January 14th to lecture on current political affairs.

The traditional annual retreat breaks tradition and is split into two separate retreats: One for upperclassmen Seniors and Juniors, and one for lowerclassmen Sophomores and Freshmen.

Mother Mary Aidan, S. H. C. J. takes over as college president after the former president, Mother Chrysostom, S. H. C. J. is transferred to Waukegan Illinois after 5 years as president. 


Students get their fortunes read by “Madame Zendula” as a prom publicity stunt.

The Modern Language Club event for International Night will provide foreign relief. Italian, French, Spanish, and German groups put on performances and dances that represent these cultures. This takes place on March 22nd.

Two of the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus from Africa, Sister Mary and Sister Cecile, attend Rosemont College in the 1962 Fall semester.

Heffernan Hall is officially dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. Ray W. Heffernan, anonymous benefactors to Rosemont College for many years. The ceremony includes the blessing of the cornerstone by Rev. Henry J. Weeks.

Rosemont seniors gain permission to keep cars on campus for the beginning of the second semester starting in the spring semester of 1966. In previous years, cars were not allowed to be kept on campus until after Easter vacation.

Over the summer, six students will travel to Mexico under the auspices of the Conference on Inter-American Student Project (CIASP). The girls are assigned to Huejutla Hidalgo and will assist Padra Ariuro Reyes in visiting Indian Rancheros to distribute medicine, organize sports programs, and help prepare for the reception of sacraments.

Rosemont houses Viet family: Only a few months after the end of the Vietnamese war, Vietnemese refugees that do not have housing are being moved to a camp in Arkansas but this comes with the risk of families being separated. Rosemont joins in helping to provide housing for these refugees. 

The Golden Crown Affair: Opening of the third annual golden chair competition. This is a competition hosted by the library where the student who spends the most time “pursuing studies in the library” receives the title of “Library Queen” and the accompanying honor of the Golden Chair in the reference room. The previous year had some outside interferences such as a hoagie man appearing in the library, loud music blasting from the Connelly stereos, and kidnapping competitors and taking them to Minella’s diner. This year there has been only one incident so far, ringing all the door alarms. The culprits are currently unknown.

Tragedy hits home: On March 20, 1987 there was a large fire in the Connelly dorm hall. There were no deaths but one close call caused by a jammed door. Jill Bertodatti, was reportedly awakened by students already outside the dorm hall, due to the flames and smoke she attempted to leave from the left hand side fire escape. Official report says that the door was not chained or blocked, but was somehow jammed. The door was not in any violations of safety code, and the fire department claims all safety mechanisms in the building were working properly. Jill was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation and some burns, but received no serious injury.
Victims of bosnian conflict to take refuge at Rosemont: Rosemont takes in two refugees, a pair of twins named Anesa and Lejla Hrustanovic. These two were Bosnian refugees who previously hid in Munich, Belgrade, and Slovenia. They have provided letters of their feelings from having to leave Sarajevo while their parents had to stay behind.