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Dr. Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn

Dr. Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, author and lecturer, appeared at Rosemont on October 27th, 1956. From a European Background, Dr. Leddihn spoke about misinformation of both Americans and Europeans by both sides and how he felt that this was an obstacle to Western action for world peace. He speaks multiple languages, was a correspondent for seven publications, and his Ph. D. is Hungarian. He taught Japanese and studied theology and law in German.

Dr. Robert Strausz-Hupé

Head of the International Relations department at the University of Pennsylvania, lectures at Rosemont on December 12th, 1955. He spoke on the prospects of Nato. He is the author of several books such as Balance of Tomorrow and Geopolitics.

Archduke Otto, Heir to Austria

His Imperial Highness, son of Empress Zita, grand-nephew of Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph, and nephew of Archduke Francis Ferdinand, whose assassination sparked WWI. A frequent lecturer at Rosemont College, he visits Rosemont on March 15th, 1956. He is a leading authority on international affairs and talks about current world events.

Senator John F. Kennedy

Senator Kennedy of Massachusetts visited Rosemont College on January 14th, 1957. He spoke briefly on President Eisenhower’s proposal that the United States directly intervene, economically or militarily, in the Middle East in the event of an emergency there. He supported this policy and said it could not be compared with the Truman Doctrine of direct intervention in the wake of WWII. He also said not much would be done on the filibuster problem.

Reverend Robert W. Greene

Reverend Robert W. Greene, a Mary-knoll Missionary, lectures at Rosemont on February 7th. He was imprisoned by the Chinese communists for several months and wrote a book where he mentions his imprisonment called Calvary in China. Father Greene was in Southern China when it was taken over by communists and converted into a prison in 1952. He was held for questioning and sentenced to be beheaded, but a reprieve was granted, carrying with it an order of expulsion.

Prince Constantine of Bavaria

Prince Constantine of Bavaria lectured on March 25th, 1958. He spoke on the current European situation. He explained the movement for the cultural and social reintegration of the European states. He was a member of the royal family Wittelesbach and inherited the ancient Catholic title. His family’s tradition of patronage of the arts and hereditary rule was shattered by Hitler’s ascendancy in Germany.

Baroness Elizabeth Von Guttenberg

Baroness Elizabeth Von Guttenberg lectured on  “The Spiritual Battle of Our Time” on February 4th, 1959. She was the founder of the Cloister of Indersdorf in Munich Germany.

Stanley Clawar

Stanley Clawar hosted a session on human sexuality on November 10th, 1975. He cited the role the women’s movement played in influencing the media and professional associations on such topics as rape and homosexuality. 

Deon Rossouw

On April 19th 1989 Deon Rossouw shared an inside look at the current events going on in South Africa. He is a professor of Philosophy and Theology, as well as a doctoral candiate completing a dissertation on Christian-Marxist in eastern Europe and Libertarian theology in Latin America.

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